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Today’s traveller goes to great lengths to make his experience a fulfilling one.
Go Tamarind, the travel and tours division of Tamarind Event Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd, gives travellers a true feel of Kerala upon their visit.

Kerala as a wedding destination is an evolving concept. Across the world, foreign wedding travellers have been enchanted by the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. Kerala holds much to see and experience for the destination wedding traveller – starting from white sands and beautiful beaches to sparkling baywaters to high mountain ranges and other tropical habitats! Bestowed by its inherent beauty, Kerala is considered a natural destination for destination weddings.

Destination wedding travellers seek Kerala to enjoy a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city life. Destination weddings are designed to give the wedding guests an out-of-the-world experience. Destination weddings are a mix of a rejuvenating vacation and a wedding celebration. Often, destination weddings are held at cultural spots such as palaces and forts. Close family and kin are flown in from across the world for the destination wedding and are treated to a royal party, lasting a few days, in an exotic location.

Destination weddings in Kerala occur regularly nowadays, mainly because Kerala is turning out to be a major hot spot for wedding planning. Kerala has many exotic locations for holding destination weddings. Destination weddings in Kerala occur mainly in the central districts of the state – Kochi, Alappuzha, Kottayam – to mention a few wedding destinations. Beach weddings, baywater weddings, palace weddings happen at many destinations in Kerala. These destination weddings have the complete grandeur of a lavish ceremony, clubbed with special incentives for sight-seeing in Kerala.
Go Tamarind, in association with their wedding planners, Tamarind Weddings, arranges for lavish destination weddings in Kerala. Plan your destination wedding in Kerala with us today!

Tamarind Weddings
Tamarind Weddings is a premier wedding planning company in Kerala, specializing in planning and executing destination weddings in Kerala. Tamarind Weddings undertakes full-scale wedding planning services in Kerala starting from wedding venue booking to invitation designing to wedding venue decor. Destination weddings with Tamarind Weddings is a royal treat for the travelling soul!

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Case Study
The Rahul YouYou Wedding
The Rahul YouYou Wedding
Tamarind Weddings in association with Go Tamarind, designed and executed a destination wedding in Kerala in June 2013. This destination wedding was a mix of two cultures, as the groom was from Kerala, a traditional Hindu Nair, while the bride was Chinese. Intercultural weddings in Kerala are a great pleasure to witness as they celebrate many traditions from across the world.

This destination wedding was the joining of Rahul and YouYou in matrimony. The wedding festivities took place at the Ramada Resort, Kochi, and were spread over two days. In these two days, the bride’s family, who were Chinese, had a brief glimpse of the beautiful wedding destination that was Kerala. The family had many guests flying into Kerala from different parts of the world for this destination wedding.

The destination wedding celebrations began with a North-Indian Sangeet night on June 1st at Ramada Resort. This pre-wedding party was a fun-filled show of colours and lights! The theme for the event was richly North-Indian. The sangeet night began with a bang, with the bride and bridegroom entry designed in a loud entry sequence. The Chinese bride was treated to a Punjabi welcome in a dhol and dhandiya sequence. A bit of Moroccan flare was also added to the entry sequence as the bride had a train of hostesses holding up Moroccan lights to announce her entry. The groom was welcomed into the sangeet venue with a similar sequence of dhol and bhangra dancers. He was brought in with a frame decorated with jasmine flowers. The sangeet was a mixture of toasts by the family members and games for the couple. Most of the games were North Indian in nature, such as finding the ring in an urli filled with milk and rose petals and competitive dance mashup between men and women

The night ended in a fusiondinner with dishes from across the world being served to the guests who had gathered at Ramada Resort for this destination wedding. Tamarind Weddings mixed a bit of Chinese tradition into the destination wedding by having a wish lantern release by the couple at the poolside of Ramada Resort, followed by a sparkling display of colourful fireworks.

The wedding on the following day was the next in sequence of Rahul’s and YouYou’s destination wedding in Kerala. The wedding was a traditional Hindu Nair wedding. YouYou and her family and guests were treated to Kerala’s rich wedding traditions. Rahul fulfilled one of his lifetime wishes to ride an elephant – He was brought into the wedding venue on an elephant!! – A truly Kerala wedding experience!

The wedding commemorated in a traditional Kerala sadhya for lunch. The couple planted a tree on the premises of Ramada Resort to celebrate their new life together. Rahul’s and YouYou’s destination wedding in Kerala was a splendid celebration of colour and life!

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